2018 Battle of Malta About to Get Real!

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Forget everything you know about the Battle of Malta.

Well, not everything. You can still think on the general conviviality at the tables, the eye-popping prize pools for minimal buy-ins and the dazzling setting in St Julian’s. Oh, and also the record-setting attendance that has made it the biggest poker tournament ever held on Malta for 6 years running.

That’s still the same. But the 2018 Battle of Malta is a new enterprise in many ways. Now owned and operated by the Eden Leisure Group and Casino Malta, the 2018 BoM will surge onwards and upwards with an eye on both what has made BoM great and what the BoM can be.

Now occupying the massive Eden Arena the 2018 BoM is set to accommodate over 1,400 players a day, run out 9 fantastic events over 6 days and, we’re pretty confident, pay out the most money any poker tournament on the island ever has before.

Not only does the Main Event have a €1 million guarantee (twice what it was), the door to a gargantuan prize pool has been opened with unlimited re-entries, a fourth, turbo Day 1 flight and more online qualifiers than ever before.

With more packages sold for the 2018 BoM Festival than all other BoMs combined, it’s gonna be huge. And dozens of poker players will walk away with a hefty share of it.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to get things started. The shuffle up and deal is set to go in just over 24 hours but, in the meantime, here are a few things to peruse if you’re looking for a sneak peek:

What’s New at the 2018 Battle of Malta

First, take a look around the new space:

Looks good, yeah? Not only is the tournament arena beautiful it has a capacity for over 140 tables (twice last year) and, as play progresses throughout the day, can fit in over 1,400 players.

Some more numbers of note in that video as presented by our fabulous new host, Laura Cornelius:

11 registration points
6 bars
Over 25 cash-game tables running simultaneously to tournament
Over 3,000 sq. meters of gaming in the casino

Another number of note for the 2018 Battle of Malta: 9 poker events in total with a combination of old favorites and new contenders.

2018 Battle of Malta Side Events:

888poker €88+8 Crazy 888 Win the Button
€300+30 NLH European Poker Series Battle
1-day €135+15 NLH MPNPT Battle
€110 PLON BoM Ladies event (w/ Tiffany’s Bracelet to winner)
€165 PLO Double Chance
€220 IPC Battle Turbo
2-day €245 Siege of Malta Second Chance
2-day €1,320 High Roller

casino malta

Come on in, have a look around

Check the full calendar for the 2018 Battle of Malta here. Check here for all of the tournament structures and payouts.

What else, what else … ah, right. Three great parties:

Aperol Spritz Battle of Malta Welcome Party (Casino Malta Bar)
Battle of Malta Bowling Competition at Eden SuperBowl (Bowling Competition for 4 seats in 2019 BoM Main Event)
Battle of Malta Players Party at private Paranga Beach on St. Julian’s Bay

Did we mention Patrik Antonius and Boris Becker will be here? How about Ana Marquez, Jackie Cachia, Giada Fang and Sofia Lovgren?

Some more numbers to bat around:

6 full days of live stream coverage starting on Day 1a
5 days of single-camera feature table
5-camera, full commentary live stream for the final table
100 dealers, 5 Senior Floor staff & 5 Junior Floor staff
6 languages spoken by floor staff: English, Italian, French, Spanish, German & Hebrew.

Look for the live stream on BattleofMalta.com, the Battle of Malta Facebook page, Twitch.tv and embedded right here.

Any questions? Check our Quick Player’s Guide to the Battle of Malta here. Want to learn more about all the great things you can do on this lovely island? Check out our series of What to Do In Malta blogs right here.

It’s Gonna Be A Doozy

battle of malta antonius

Playboy in the house.

Did we mention that 2018 BoM pre-sales have superseded all off our pre-sales for other years combined?

Yeah, so there’s that. This is gonna be a big one. Perhaps 3,000-entry+ big? Who know. But the sky, it seems, is not out of reach.

Still, there’s plenty of space left. Get your seat right now online or in person at Casino Malta. If you hurry you might even catch tonight’s last-minute €55+5 NLH SUPER Satellite for Day 1a.

If you miss that, though, don’t sweat it. There’s another tomorrow at 6 pm, too.

We can’t wait to see you there. If you’re just arriving to the island for the first time, welcome! We promise we’ll do our best to provide the most memorable poker experience you’ve ever had.

If you’re back for another go round, welcome back and thank you. We’re thrilled you’ve made the Battle of Malta a recurring stop on your poker journey. We hope you like the changes.

Get ready for the Battle of Malta to hit the next level!

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Table Seat Chips Lastname Firstname 6 5 2,165,000 Anastasakis Dimitrios 4 2 3,455,000 Angelousis Konstantinos  5 6 1,025,000 Atzeni Luca 2 8