Win A Package To Kings Of Tallinn

OlyBet are hosting an amazing competition at Battle of Malta giving players the chance to win a €1,600 package for next year’s Kings of Tallinn Main Event – simply by placing a €5 bet on the Battle of Malta. Kings of Tallinn 2019 takes place February 18-24 at the Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel in Estonia’s […]

Picture Perfect

As we’ve mentioned the Battle of Malta is being held in the spectacular Eden Arena this year and the room, if we do say so, looks incredible. Kudos to the InterContinental Hotel and Casino Malta staff for putting on their very best right from the start. The 400+ players who have taken their seats so […]

Dinner Break Big Stacks

As the players head for the dinner break we took a peek at some of the bigger (and lesser) stacks around the room. So far so good for most on here; let’s hope Nicolas and Sofia get things revved up after the break. We recommend the Kinnie for that clove-driven burst of sugar energy. Fakhreddine […]

Cash Games Around The Clock

The Battle of Malta is in town, and whenever that happens, the casino turns into a cash game machine. Right now, they’re playing NLHE €1/€3, NLHE €5/€5 and PLO €2/€2. The tables are located downstairs in the actual Casino Malta, and they will be open around the clock as long as the battle is on. […]

Something In the Air

If you’re thinking there’s something fresh in the air at the Battle of Malta this year, you’re absolutely right. It’s the balloons! After years of watching hapless poker players wander aimlessly through the tables, holding out their entry slips with a look of desperation and checking for table numbers, Casino Malta has provided the perfect […]

Think Pink with Boris Becker

The Battle of Malta is thrilled to be hosting tennis legend Boris Becker this year and BoM attendees will have chance to get up close and personal with him – and support a good cause – in our Pink October Charity tournament tomorrow night. As we mentioned below Becker will be the star of an […]

Checking In With Our Chip Leader

The last time we eyeballed the chips we came to the conclusion that the Finish player Akseli Hosia has the most chips. He sitting at table ten and is playing a seemingly solid, aggressive game. Right now he took down a nice medium sized pot against Mateusz Koczwara. Hosia opened to 1.7k, Koczwara called in […]

So That’s Why You Play Suited Rags!

Ting Ho doesn’t have too many chips but she definitely has a lot of heart (and her dog, of course). The American woman is one of the most active players at her table and she seems to be always in there, no matter her hand. Speaking of which, she was just in there with 6♦ […]

Fernando Pons is Sure About 2 Things

If you’d like to watch a real, live former November Niner play poker we can tell you 2016 WSOP Main Event final tablist Fernando Pons is plying his trade on today’s Battle of Malta live stream. Take a watch over on our Facebook page right here. As you watch him play (he’s in Seat 5 […]