Battle of Malta raccoglie 20k per beneficenza

ll tavolo Sit-and-Go per la campagna di beneficenza Pink October si è concluso, ed è stato un grande successo.   Boris Becker e Patrik Antonius erano i grandi nomi al tavolo, insieme al CEO della società di poker Lena Evans, e hanno giocato contro sei giocatori scelti a caso che hanno pagato € 10 per […]

The Chessmaster Makes a Move

One player we have not mentioned today so far is Ivo Donev. The Austrian bracelet winner and chess master is still in this tournament with his 2nd bullet after busting mid-day yesterday. Right now we just saw him score a much needed double up. He was all-in again Daoud Nizar from Israel and Ivo had […]

Battle of Malta raises €20k for charity

The one-table Sit-and-Go for the charity Pink October went down today, and it was a big success. Boris Becker and Patrik Antonius were the big names at the table, along with Poker company CEO Lena Evans, and they played against six randomly chosen players who paid €10 for a raffle ticket and got lucky. The […]

Tout Va Bien, Mes Amis?

Besides our everlasting favorite French BoM winner Nicolas Proust, a growing number of French players have started to make the hop over the Mediterranean to take a shot at BoM glory. In the case of a few French players who have made the island their home, they’ve come a bit less far. But still. Two […]

Paul Jux-Holderness wins BOM Charity Event, Boris runner-up

Congratulations to Paul Jux-Holderness, winner of the BOM Charity Event British player Paul Jux-Holderness has just won himself a seat for next year’s Battle of Malta Main Event after beating tennis legend Boris Becker heads-up in the Pink October Malta charity event. Jux-Holderness, 34, from Bournemouth, still had chips in the Main Event but just […]

Shtayerman Shrugs, Scoops

Sometimes, poker can be a very easy game. At least it might seem so to Noam Shtayerman right about now. The Israeli open-limped with roughly 100 big blinds behind with K♥ Q♦ from middle position. After Jonas Hähnert (BoM final tablist 2 years running) called from the button the player in the small blind moved all-in […]

“Q – What Are You Doing Here?”

This was not only one of the most famous lines of Captain Picard in Star Trek, it was also something we heard players say often in the past when they tried to register. Now with the move to the Intercontinental the situation has become a lot more relaxed. There are now several entrances and registration […]

Aggiorniamo il Nostro Chipcount

Ancora tempo di pausa nel Main Event della Battle of Malta 2018. Andiamo a dare uno sguardo agli stack più imponenti tra i giocatori rimasti: Sahlin Daniel Gustav 305,000 Olali Martin Paul 285,000 Hurwitz Ben 235,000 Hills Andrew Christopher 220,000 Guzman Pons Javier 215,000 Diaz Rojo Alberto 210,000 Ahuja Ankit 195,000 Hagen Anders Flem 180,000 […]

Bluff-catching with Ana Marquez

Ana Marquez is one of the most active players at her table and we just caught her playing a rather big pot against Sami Mitwali, a player from Israel. Ana opened from middle position with K♠ J♠ and Mitwali called from the button, as well as the player in the big blind. The flop came […]

BoM Marches On

Day 1B of the 2018 Battle of Malta is still powering on as we hit the later hours and a full house in the Crazy 888 Battle will ensure its tables will stay busy late into the night as well. Around 480 players are still left in the Main Event as of now and, as […]