Julien Stropoli Wins 3,816-Player Battle Of Malta Main Event 2018

The 2018 Battle of Malta Main Event completed its quest to narrow 3,816 entries to just 1 and that sole survivor is France’s Julien Stropoli! A former Magic: The Gathering player and ascending poker pro Stropoli started the final table second-to-last in chips but showed no panic in working his way up the pay ladder. […]

Julien Stropoli Vince la Battle of Malta 2018 (€168.500)

Julien Stropoli vince la Battle of Malta 2018! Giochi aperti in heads up, con Stropoli che ha 46 big blind contro i 33 del suo connazionale Canevet. Ma gli dei del poker non volevano un lungo heads-up e hanno dato vita a una clamorosa bad beat. Da bottone Stropoli apre con 5♣ 3♣ e Canevet […]

Le Rêve est Terminé: Maxime Canevet Falls in 2nd (€192,000)*

What a ride for Maxime Canevet. After that last double up Canevet won another hand and was up to 33 big blinds again. With his opponent, Julien Stropoli, on 46 big blinds the game looked completely open. But the poker gods didn’t fancy a long heads-up and delivered a nasty bad beat to end the […]

Heads-up francese: Erik Ostergaard viene eliminato al 3 ° posto (€ 139,500)

Questo è il primo dei sei Battle of Malta in cui si sfidano in un heads-up due giocatori dello stesso paese, non era mai successo. Julien Stropoli e Maxime Canevet sono arrivati ​​alla battaglia finale quando il danese Erik Ostergaard è stato eliminato subito dopo la pausa cena. Ma cosa è successo ad Ostergaard che […]

Canevet Remains Afloat Via Boat

Maxime Canevet doubles and is back in the game! There’s still €73k on the line. The deal that was made 5-handed left €73k on the table – €50k for the winner and €23k for 2nd place. So you knew it wasn’t just going to be a friendly French surrender match. With only 16 big blinds […]

Erik Ostergaard Says Goodbye in 3rd (€139,500)*

That’s a first. Six previous Battles of Malta and we’ve never had players from the same country face off in the heads-up match. Now we do. Julien Stropoli and Maxime Canevet made it to the final battle of the Battle as the Dane Erik Ostergaard was eliminated just after the dinner break. So what happened […]

Canevet traps himself again, Ostergaard takes the lead

Ostergaard found 9♣ 8♦ on the button and opened with a raise. In the big blind Maxime Canevet found K♠ K♦ and decided to trap and simply called. Flop: 9♠ 9♦ J♠ (6.5m) That’s what can happen if you slow play kings. Ostergaard out-flopped the Frenchman, and after a check the Dane bet 3.25m. Canevet […]

Chip Lead Flip-Flops Again!

Another shorty all-in, another shorty wins the showdown. Erik Ostergaard was down to only 14 bigs and he moved all-in. Julien Stropoli found a call and they saw a showdown: Ostergaard: A♦ 9♥Stropoli: K♦ Q♥ Board: 8♠ 6♣ 6♥ T♣ T♦ Ostergaard doubled up with the better kicker and we’re still 3-handed. With this hand Canevet, […]

Canevet Doubles with Quads!

From the button Erik Ostergaard opened to 1.3m with A♥ 4♣. Maxime Canevet defended the big blind with an all-in raise with T♠ 9♣. Ostergaard decided to call the all-in for almost 20 big blinds and the two saw a showdown. The board came down 9♦ 5♦ 6♦ 9♥ 9♠ to give Canevet quads! After […]

Canevet Doubles Back

Erik Ostergaard has had the better of Maxime Canevet most of the time in the past few hands, but now Canevet has score one double up against the Dane. After a raise and re-raise both were all-in pre-flop: Ostergaard: T♣ 7♣Canevet: A♦ 8♦ Board: K♣ 6♥ 2♦ Q♦ 8♥ With his top-pair Canevet doubled up to […]