Everyone Has Mixed Feelings About a Chop Pot

The pressure is off after the deal.

There’s still €73,000 to play for but it seems like most players are very happy with their take home so far and seem chill and relaxed.

Nevertheless we just saw a huge hand between Maxime Canevet and Mantas Urbonas.

It was an all-in for more than 33m chips – one third of the chips in play.

Canevet and Urbonas were all-in with kings. Both of them.

Maxime Canevet: K K
Mantas Urbonas: K K

The board did not bring a flush to either player and the pot was split evenly. Contrary to the lyrics of the well-known Stapes/Hartigan ditty “Everyone Loves a Chop(ped) Pot,” we still sense some mixed feelings about them.

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