Ostergaard Doubles Up through Vadenbring

After losing the all-in against Andrew Hills the Dane Erik Ostergaard was the shortest stack at the table and quickly found himself all-in. With only 8 big blinds Ostergaard found A♠ A♥ in the cut-off. Abdalah Fakhreddine limped before him and Ostergaard shoved all-in. Gustav Vadenbring found A♣ Q♣ behind him and moved all-in over the […]

Massive Double for AH with AK

It didn’t take long after the first break of the day for the first massive all-in. Andrew Hills had a horrible first two levels today and lost 2/3s of his stack, mostly against Maxime Canevet to his left. He was down to 6m chips (12 big blinds) and found himself at the bottom at the […]

Meet the 2018 Ladies Event Winner, Madara Sviska!

The €110 Poker League of Nations-sponsored Ladies Event at this year’s Battle of Malta was a grand success this year with 104 entries. The winner, Madara Sviska, earned €2,533, a bomber handmade Mdina Glass trophy and a Tiffany’s bracelet. Needless to say she was pretty chuffed about it. Maybe even more chuffed about it was her […]

Derby Francese Prima Della Pausa

Scaramucce tra francesi a ridosso della prima pausa. Julien Stropoli da high-jack apre a 875.000, Maxime Canevet 3-betta da bottone a 1.700.000. Il suo connazionale decide di completare Flop: T♦ 5♥ 4♥ Doppio check Turn: 2♠ Stropoli cerca di rompere gli indugi e punta 2.200.000, Canevet in bianco totale decide di appoggiarsi. River: 5♠ Stropoli […]

First Break – France Rises To The Top

We’ve already lost two player in the first session of the Battle of Malta final table today. Jerome Steven Mangum, the only American player at the table, was the first to go after only a couple of hands. After that, not much was happening for a while until the two big stacks Canevet and Hills […]

Mateusz Moolhuizen Eliminato all’Ottavo Posto (€30,000)

Mateusz Moolhuizen è il secondo eliminato del tavolo finale della Battle of Malta. Da UTG redice di pushare i rimanenti due milioni di gettoni rimasti, ed è Maxime Canevet a chiamarlo per andare allo showdown. Moolhuizen: Q♣ 9♦Canevet: A♦ 9♣ Board: A♠ 6♥ Q♦ J♣ 3♣ Moolhuizen ci saluta con 30.000 euro in più in […]

Moolhuizen Muted In Eighth Place – (€30,000)

Mateusz Moolhuizen started the day in the middle of the pack, but could not make much happen in the first level today. In the end it was a lost flip that essentially sealed his fate. Frenchman Julien Stropoli moved all-in from early position with 7♠ 7♥ for 4.6m (roughly 15 big blnds). Behind him Mateusz […]

Stropoli Riesce a Raddoppiare

Stropoli rompe gli indugi e da UTG+1 pusha per 4.600.000. Mateusz Moolhuizen re-pusha per sei milioni e mezzo da bottone. I bui foldano, e si va allo showdown: Stropoli: 7♥ 7♠Moolhuizen: A♣ Q♠ Board: 6♠ Q♣ #7f Q♥ 9♥ Non riesce la rimonta all’olandese, che dunque rimane cortissimo mentre Stropoli raddoppia.

Canevet Continua a Dominare

Ancora azione tra Hills e Canevet. L’inglese apre a 700.000 da high-jack e trova al 3-bet del francese a 1.725.000 da cut-off. Andrew opta per completare e giocare il flop 6♥ 9♦ 7♠ Ottimo flop per Canevet che c-betta 1.200.000 dopo il check di Hills, il quale poi si appoggia ancora. Turn: un 5♠ che […]

Clash of Chip Titans Goes to Canevet

Andy Hills and Maxime Canevet are by far the biggest stacks at the table and the two of them are seated right next to each other. Canevet has position on Hills and we just witnessed a huge clash. Hills opened to 650k from MP with Q♥ Q♦ and behind him Canevet 3-bet to 1.7m with […]