Battle Of Malta Main Event 2018 Final Table Set!

It was exactly midnight when Andrew Hedley had already been sitting there for a while trying to figure out whether he should call for his tournament life or not. Eventually, he decided to do it, and it proved to be the wrong decision. Maxime Cavenet, who was responsible for the most bust-outs today, took the […]

Abbiamo il Tavolo Finale!

Kettunen Miikka Juhani e Hedley Andrew John sono gli ultimi due eliminati di giornata, quelli che consentono la composizione del Final Table della Battle of Malta 2018! Partiamo dall’uscita di scena del finlandese, ormai rimasto cortissimo e caduto sotto i colpi di Andrew Hills. Kettunen: K♥ 2♦Hills: A♣ 6♦Board: 6♠ J♦ 8♠ 3♣ Q♠ Si passa alla modalità mano […]

Hedley Finds Demise At The Hands Of Canevet – 10th (€19,000)

The last hand of the evening took place on the outer table, where Andrew Hedley collided with Maxime Canevet, and like so many before him, he couldn’t take the Frenchman’s chips. Hedley opened on the button and found just one caller in Canevet. When we came to the table they were on the turn, and […]

Kettunen Klipped in 11th (€19,000)

First hand of the new level and we lose our next player. Miikka Kettunen was on his very last lifeline with only 3 big blinds and after Andrew Hills raised from middle position he went all-in. Hills called. Showdown: Kettunen: K♥ 2♦Hills: A♣ 6♦ Board: 6♠ J♦ 8♠ 3♣ Q♠ Just like that Hills took […]

Full Counts on the Break

We’re getting down to the quick in the 2018 Battle of Malta Main Event with just 11 players remaining. Who will join us for the 7th BoM final table in history and make history as the winner of €300,000? Here’s how it’s shaping up as the players head out for break: Canevet Maxime Thien-Duc 20,600,000Urbonas […]

Altri due out!

Si scende a 12 giocatori. Abbiamo perso Frenchman Pierre Sallaberry mentre giocava al tavolo speciale in diretta TV. Lui si era ridotto all’osso con le sue chips e ha deciso di andare all-in con A-5 contro Mantas Urbonas che aveva K-K. Le carte sul tavolo non portano alcuna sorpresa e il francese è fuori. Ancora […]

Benta Set-up, Busted in 12th – (€17,000)

There is an old saying that goes along the lines of “everything we have, we don’t own — we just borrow.” Such was the case for the chips Benta had just won from Canevet. This time it was Canevet on the button who raised and Benta in the big blind who called. The flop came […]

Benta doubles Through Canevet

Sebastian Benta pushed about 4 million chips – his whole stack in the middle. Maxime Canevet sat in the big blind and had to give his decision some thought. Eventually, he did make the call and tabled pocket threes. Benta had a higher pocket pair with jacks. The board, however, decided it was time for […]