3,815 Players in the Main Event! €1.85m Prize Pool!



Late registration for all starting days is now over.

The total number of entries for the 2018 Battle of Malta Main Event is: 3,815!

The prize pool for the main event is: €1,850,275!

This means that the Battle of Malta has grown by more than 80% compared to the previous year – which was also an all-time record!

Amazing. Truly amazing.

According to our quick research this is now the third largest poker tournament ever to be held in Europe. It definitely is the largest standalone tournament by a mile.

How was this possible, you ask?

That’s a question for Casino Malta’s CEO Slawomir Switalski. Casino Malta bought the former PokerListings brand early this year and they have surely taken it to another level.

Congratulations to Casino Malta and its amazing staff, all of the BoM players and to everyone involved past and present that have helped get the Battle of Malta to where it is now!

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