5-Way Deal, Five 6-Figure Payouts!


With five players left the clock was stopped for about half an hour to give the players a chance to discuss a deal.

It’s a reasonable decision although you’d usually expect this to happen with maybe four or even three players.

As it turns out, what they come up with sounds like a very fair deal.

This agrees with the impression that the whole final table has been played in very good spirits. There’s some banter here and there, and nobody got out of line even once!

Everybody has a six-figure score secured and these are the deal agreements:

Maxime Canevet; €169,000
Jens Erik Ostergaard; €139,500
Mantas Urbonas; €121,500
Julien Stropoli; €118,500
Fakhreddine Abdallah; €108,500

This leaves €73k left to play for which will be distributed to first and second place. First place gets €50k extra, second place gets €23k extra.

Congratulations to everyone!

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