6 Battles, 1 Anne Meri


The 2015 Battle of Malta was the only year when the Main Event had a female participant at the final table.

That was the delightful Anne Meri from Finland, who came in to the final table severely short-stacked and finished 10th.

What about this year?

Roughly 5 per cent of the field are women (with assist from Lena Evans and the inspiring Poker League of Nations) and yesterday 3 of them made it through to Day 2.

The ladies of Day 1b will need some luck to make it to the final table this year, though, as none of them are close to the chip lead today.

Anne Meri is again among the ones fighting for the money. She’s playing Day 1B but has a tough battle to fight.

With roughly 30k chips right now – more or less 25 big blinds – her stack is petite. Her spirit, we hope, is not and her black-and-gold Battle of Malta shirt should bring her some luck!

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