A Brief History Of (Level) Time


We’ve experimented with different level times over the years, and this is our best structure yet. There’s no 25/50 level, as nothing ever really happens when players are that deep. Instead, we’re starting with 100/100 blinds which still gives everyone 250 big blinds.

The time is set to 40 minutes for all days 1. From day 2, there will be 60 minutes on the clock per level to give the advancing players room to manoeuvre.

When we’re down to six players on Tuesday, the level time will go down to 45 min and then to 30 min for 3-handed play.

This will prevent us from having a seven hour heads-up where at the end bit player will hardly have enough power left to move their monstrous chipstacks into the middle.

For now, everyone has 25,000 chips and the same chance to get there – except, alas, one guy. Poker really is the big equalizer, isn’t it.

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