A Brief Interlude with Patrik Antonius


Well, that was fun while it lasted!

Patrik Antonius was here at the Battle of Malta Main Event. After playing the charity event yesterday, he arrived late today and didn’t last more than 2 levels.

He was down to 13 big blinds and he shoved his last chips over the line from late position with J T.

Giuseppe Verderico called in the big blind with A Q and the board gave the Italian a full house: A Q J A 5.

Antonius shook hands, packed his things and left the table. It looks like he left the building while we were typing this up.

Whether he re-enters or not, it’s a rare thing to play against a veritable poker legend in a €550 buy in tournament so we hope his tablemates have a nice little anecdote to tell the grandkids one day.

Or, uh, today we guess if any of them already are grandfathers. No ageism here at the Battle of Malta  – everybody’s welcome!

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