A Reminder: Live Stream is On!


If you’ve been following the 2018 Battle of Malta Main Event from the jump you know we’ve had a single-camera live stream running over on the Battle of Malta Facebook page.

Or at least we hope you do.

Cards-up coverage (on a 30-minute delay) is the order of the day again on Day 3 today leading up to our full-blast, 5-camera final coverage tomorrow.

Commentary is also being provided with Roy Brindley and Kat Arnsby doing much of the heavy lifting with some guests dropping in from time to time. Norwegian pro Jon Kyte, for example, dropped in for a while yesterday.

It’s a nice complement to our live updates here, of course, and a great opportunity to get to know a few players in the field a little closer.

On the feature table today are Brit Andy Hills, with his massive 4.7m+ stack, and American Steven Mangum, who’s also got some chips at 5m.

Head over to the Facebook page to give it watch.

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