…And Back Again – Chiplead No More


Did we just jinx it for Luigi D’Alterio?

After he took over the chiplead in a big hand against Catalin Mruro, we just saw him lose an even bigger pot to his fellow countryman Giuseppe Di Mauro.

When we came to the table, the hand had reached the turn and board looked like this:

A K Q K and 500k in the middle. Di Mauro bet out from the big blind – 250k and D’Alterio, who sat on the button, called. River: 7.

Now Di Mauro slid 500k over the betting line. It took D’Alterio a couple of minutes but eventually he decided to announce call.

Di Mauro turned over A K for a full house. D’Alterio mucked and the 2 million chip pot went to Di Mauro. That’s about 80 starting stacks, guys. Things can go quickly in a poker tournament.

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