And He Shall Even Have Straight Flushes


Having the chip lead is apparently not enough for Andrew Hills.

He also needs to have the best hands, like straight flushes.

Hills actually lost the chip lead after being moved to Table 1 but he still had a more than healthy 1.5m stack when we came to his table.

And he was in the midst of playing a hand. A big hand. A huge hand. The best hand.

The board read J 8 2 K on the turn with 200k in the middle.

Irishman Christopher Dowling checked to Hills. He bet 105k and Dowling took a long time to make up his mind what to do.

In the end he decided to move all-in for 400k and some change. Hills instantly called.


Dowling: A K
Hills: Q T

Hills already had a flush and his opponent drawing dead but that was not enough.

The river fell T to give Hills a beautiful straight flush which most likely propelled him back into the chip lead.


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