Andy Hills is Not Afraid


After being quiet for his first few orbits on the TV table Fakhreddine Abdalah found his big bets again.

But he also found his nemesis in Andrew Hills, who seems to have cajones of steel. Or just very good cards.

The two played a huge hand when both were in the blinds.

Abdalah was the small blind and Hills the big blind. We came to the hand on the turn with 1.2m in the middle and T 7 6 3 on the board.

Abdalah bet 975k and Hills eventually called.

River: 3

With a bit over 3m in the middle Abdalah took a lot of time, fumbled with his chips, counted them and eventually slid 3.4m over the line.

Hills only took a a couple of moments to go all-in for a couple million more. Abdalah instantly folded and this 7.5m pot went to Andrew Hills.

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