Battle Of Malta Generates 3000+ Player Field


It’s incredible. With almost 2k players on days 1A and 1B, and with another 1000+ field today, even without the last flight, this year’s BOM is going to not only be the largest, it’s going to crush everything there’s been before.

We’re playing ten-handed today, as even the 150-table poker arena is going to reach the limits of its capacity. With this, the Battle of Malta 2018 is already by far the largest poker tournament ever to be played in Malta

All over Europe, it’s now in third place only to the Colossus at the WSOPE 2017 which had 4150 players and the Estrellas Poker Tour Event in Barcelona 2018 which had 4348 players.

There were other 3000+ tournaments in Europe, but we’ll get pas these today without a doubt. This means that all the players at this year’s Battle of Malta are writing poker history, so if you’re in the field and you’re reading this, give yourself a pat on the back.

The cards are in the air, the numbers are climbing and the chips are rattling. To quote Gordon Ramsey in Season 15 episode 1 (or probably any other episode of any season):

“F*** me, here we go again.”

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