Battle of Malta raises €20k for charity


The one-table Sit-and-Go for the charity Pink October went down today, and it was a big success.

Boris Becker and Patrik Antonius were the big names at the table, along with Poker company CEO Lena Evans, and they played against six randomly chosen players who paid €10 for a raffle ticket and got lucky.

The money collected amounted to a whopping €20,000 and the check was picked up by Malta’s first Lady Michelle Muscat. Not all the money came from the players, the casino contributed significantly, so thanks to everybody.

She sat down at the poker table when they were down to three-handed to follow the action, and apparently she had a lot of fun.

We’re happy to contribute to charity and wish them all the best.

The winner of the charity tournament is Paul Jux-Holderness from England, who actually left his main event stackon the table when he heard he’d won a ticket to the charity event. Good for him, as he’ll be back next year. You can say Paul is the first person to register for the Battle of Malta 2019. Hopefully, he won’t have trouble entering the EU…

Meanwhile, the number of players in the 888 event is down to under 100, and on the horizon, the players can see money, too…

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