Benta doubles Through Canevet


Sebastian Benta pushed about 4 million chips – his whole stack in the middle.

Maxime Canevet sat in the big blind and had to give his decision some thought.

Eventually, he did make the call and tabled pocket threes.

Benta had a higher pocket pair with jacks.

The board, however, decided it was time for some drama.

Benta: J J

Canevet:3 3

Board: 4 7 2 — A ! — Q

The ace on the turn gave Canevet both flush and straight draws, while it also gave Benta a very bad taste in the mouth.

But the river faded and Benta doubled up. For Canevet, this was but a small dent in the mountain of chips he calls his stack.

Payout level: €13,000

Next payout level: 13th, €17,000

Average stack: 6.3 million

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