Benta Set-up, Busted in 12th – (€17,000)


There is an old saying that goes along the lines of “everything we have, we don’t own — we just borrow.”

Such was the case for the chips Benta had just won from Canevet.

This time it was Canevet on the button who raised and Benta in the big blind who called.

The flop came down J J 3

Both players checked the flop and the 4 on the turn added a flush draw to the board.

Benta took the lead on the turn but Canevet wasn’t going anywhere.

The river was the 2, filling up the flush draw and some potential straight draws.

Benta bet again, this time it was a big bet. Cavenet pondered his decision and it turned out to be “all-in”. Benta insta-called.


Sebastian Benta: Q J

Maxime Canevet: J 2

Benta’s flush was dominated by Canevet’s full house. I think that’s called a set-up.

Canevet took all his chips back and then all the others that Benta had left and is now stacking what looks like an 18 million chip stack!

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