Big Chip Stacks at day 2’s First Break


More than 250 players have already busted today, and that means two things.

First, most of the short stacks have gone. Second, those who haven’t might now be among the biggest stacks of the day.

Here’s a selection of where the big (and some small) chunks of the 95 million chips in play are.

Hills Andrew Christopher 1,153,000
Glaner Przemyslaw 1,055,000
L Duzgun Samiye 1,039,000
Wozniak Mr Michal 911,000
Musumarra Andrea 885,000
Mangum Jerome Steven 824,000
Gumz Fabrian 800,000
De Leo Alessandro 777,000
Degiorgi Massimo 759,000
Sereicikas Justas 753,000
Klingenberg Jonathan 730,000
Nurchi Michele 713,000
Dahan Moshe 716,000
Salvador Jaime Sanchez 707,000
Siciliano Marco 682,000
Erpetico Filippo 677,000
Jalulins Nikolajs 606,000
Samuele Lo Presti 603,000
Cammisuli Flaviano  615,000
Maiorano Vito 576,000
Maimon Amir  519,000
Fredrik Ellingsson Karl 469,000
Lovgren Sofia Linnea Matilda 461,000
Soulier Fabrice Bruno  427,000
Falk Patrik           307,000
Jorstad Espen Uhlen  126,000
Gilbda Uri  102,000
Rothmund Jonas  94,000
Fernando Pons Garcia  84,000
Nicolas Yan Proust  26,000

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