Biggest day 1A yet


It’s only level 2, but we’ve already broken the record for the largest field on day 1A. Last year, 320 players showed up for the first day of the battle. We’re now at 321 and counting.

Late registration will be open until the tenth level today, and the level time is 40 min. From day 2, the level time will go up to 60 min before coming down again when there are just six players left.

This will ensure that we won’t finish in the early morning hours and has proven to go well with the players.

The great hall of the Intercontinental Hotel keeps filling up, so remember, if you want to play today’s satellite, make your way to Casino Malta and bring €60 for the buy-in.

We’ve already lost one player in level 1, too, but couldn’t get a hold of him. Understandably, he’s not looking for publicity.

Spanish November Nine player Fernando Pons has also made its way to Malta. He’s playing his second BOM this year, and it’s the first time he’s representing 888poker. Austrian poker pioneer Ivo “The Chessmaster” Donev is in the house, too, but his seat weirdly is empty. He can’t possibly have busted, can he?

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