Bluff-catching gone wrong at Bonavena’s table


We waited at Salvatore Bonavena’s table for the Italian EPT champion to play a meaningful hand. He didn’t for ages. He’s watching football on his phone and doesn’t seem to care about playing a hand for us.

So we turned around to table 63 and witnessed the end of very brutal hand for Oleksander Kosholap. It was on the river, there were 10k in the middle and the board read T 9 3 A 4.

Kosholap and his opponent, Demetrio Caminita moved all-in for roughly 20k – a substantial overbet. We don’t know the history between the two of them, but we know that the board was pretty threatening with four diamonds.

Despite the threatening board Kosholap decided to call with T 9 – two pair – a bluff catcher at best.

Demetrio Caminita turned over K 4 for the nuts and scooped the pot. He’s up to 50k now and Kosholap is down to half the starting stack.

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