Bluff-catching with Ana Marquez


Ana Marquez is one of the most active players at her table and we just caught her playing a rather big pot against Sami Mitwali, a player from Israel.

Ana opened from middle position with K J and Mitwali called from the button, as well as the player in the big blind. The flop came down K 3 4 and with roughly 12k in the middle all players checked.

The turn fell 9 and now Ana decided to protect her top pair and she bet 6.8k. Only Mitwali called. The river completed the obvious flush draw, falling 7. Ana checked and Mitwali wasted no time and made it 14.6k.

Ana knew her hand was a bluff catcher at best and after 30 seconds she decided not to believe Mitwali. She called, the Israeli showed 6 6 for a badly timed bluff and Ana raked in a nice pot worth more than 54k chips. She’s up to more than 120k chips now.

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