BOM 2019 Ladies Event statement

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After careful reflection, we would like to apologise wholeheartedly for any offence caused during this year’s Ladies Event.

Our intention at the Battle of Malta is to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere for everyone at all times during the festival. 

We respect all our players and staff and certainly had no intention of upsetting anyone, or making anyone feel uncomfortable. We sincerely apologise if this was the case at any time. 

We take great pride in our events and are fully committed to our inclusivity policy. 

As a gesture of appreciation for everyone who took part in the event, we are donating all registration fees from the Ladies Event to our nominated charity – Pink October Malta. 

We are very determined to grow the Ladies Event at Battle of Malta, and we are happy to announce that next year’s Ladies event will have a guaranteed prize pool of €25,000.

We really look forward to seeing you all at the Battle of Malta 2020. 

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