BOM Day 3 – 60 Ways To Win The Battle


Lithuania, England, France, Bulgaria, Norway, Italy, Poland, Israel – the top chip counts represent how international the Battle of Malta has become.

Some of the players have never been heard of before, others do come with a poker CV. Chipleader Mantas Urbonas finished third in an MPN event in Tallinn two years ago. He sits at the top of the table with seven million chips, looking to secure another five-figure cash – or six, even?

Andrew Hills from the UK sits in second place. He was in the spotlight quite often yesterday, running over his table and being involved in many spectacular hands that usually went his way, including a hero-call that won him a 4.5 million chips pot.

Hills has over $700k in live winnings to his name and is no stranger to the poker scene. He won a Grosvenor Tour event in Machester last year, and he triumphed at the Wynn Summer Classic just this summer in Las Vegas.

Another player to watch today is Sofia Lövgren. The 888pro one of the two remaining woman in the field and with Hendon Mob winnings of over $350k she is one of the most successful players in the field today.

Another seasoned pro in this field is the Dutch player Mateusz Moolhuizen. He had several successes here in Malta, including winning the Unibet Open 2011. With cashes of almost $800k he is the player with highest tanking in the All Time Money List today.

Amazingly for such a big event, we also still have two former BOM-finalists remaining: Flaviano Cammisuli finished 6th two years ago. Today he starts the day as 9th in the count with a stack above average. The second former finalist is Avihai Benshoham who came in 5th last year. The Israeli starts today with an average stack.

Today, we’re playing down to the final table. The pressure is on. The first player to bust today will receive €3500, which is nice. The last player to bust – in 11th or 10th place, that remains to be seen – will receive €19,000 which is clearly something else.

But the big money is, as you know, at the last table. Let’s find out who gets there today.

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Table Seat Chips Lastname Firstname 6 5 2,165,000 Anastasakis Dimitrios 4 2 3,455,000 Angelousis Konstantinos  5 6 1,025,000 Atzeni Luca 2 8


Table Seat Chips Lastname Firstname 1 8 2,075,000 Demos Demosthenous 1 1 5,600,000 Diola Valentinos 1 4 3,490,000  Houssais Emmanuel Yamm Hubert