BoM Final 9: Abdallah Fakhreddine, 38, Lebanon/Dubai (9,700,000)


Abdallah Fakhreddine is playing his first ever live tournament! The 38-year-old, who bought in four times to make Day 2, runs a chain of hair salons in his adopted home of Dubai. He’s been playing poker for some 18 years and Texas Hold’em for about ten years.

He booked his flight to Malta three months ago after a friend persuaded him it was a good idea. His friend busted Day 2 but Abdallah, who plays a lot in high-stakes home games with friends, has managed to make it right through to the final. He said:

“It’s a fantastic event, I’m definitely coming back next year. It’s more than amazing, it’s the best feeling ever. All my friends are watching the live stream, they think it’s incredible. I haven’t been able to play this kind of event before because I’m just too busy at work – but I’ve left my Mum to look after all the salons!”

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