BoM Marches On


Day 1B of the 2018 Battle of Malta is still powering on as we hit the later hours and a full house in the Crazy 888 Battle will ensure its tables will stay busy late into the night as well.

Around 480 players are still left in the Main Event as of now and, as mentioned earlier, we expect to see that get down around 220 to end the day.

Those 220 or so will be officially “in the money” but also can choose to surrender their stack and give it another go from scratch on Day 1c tomorrow.

If Day 1c doesn’t work out, there’s always the turbo Day 1D starting at 8 pm tomorrow you can consider too.

You’ve come all this way, right? No sense going home without really giving a good, hard go.

Here’s a look at a few pics from the action so far today.

BoM2018 23

BoM2018 26

BoM2018 25

BoM2018 27

BoM2018 28

BoM2018 24

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