Boris Becker Boldly Battles for Pink October


Dozens of players participated in the Pink October raffle and bought €10 lottery tickets. 8 lucky names were picked and the players were seated at the TV table.

One place was already occupied by Boris Becker and after the first bust Patrik Antonius – the previously announced “mystery” player – entered the room, replacing the busted player.

These players are playing for a €550 Battle of Malta ticket for 2019 – next year. The format is lightning fast and the action is hard paced.

You can follow the action on Twitch – but don’t expect too much poker. The tournament is supposed to last only one hour.

The money raised in the raffle for this tournament is donated to Pink October, a charity organization here in Malta which aims to bring awareness about breast cancer, advocating for regular screenings to save lives through early detection.

Check out some of the photos below:






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