Break In The Main – Numbers Overview

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You’ve just read it. The Battle of Malta 2018 is spectacular. However, there’s more going on than that. Here’s a quick glimpse at all the events.

Main Event Day 1C: 353/1,548 players; next level is Level 15

Main Event Day 1D: 197/412 players; now in Level 12, so they’re catching up now

The PLO event is right on the bubble and hand-for-hand play is on. There are 17 of 125 players left and the winner will receive a check over a smooth €5k.

The Ladies event has now reached the final table. All the ladies in the house are in the money and the winner will take €2.5k home. Right now there are eight players left.

Both the Ladies event and the PLO will play down to a winner tonight.

The Main Event flights will once again play down to 15% of the field, meaning about 240 players in Day 1C and around 65 players in Day 1D.

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