Breathing Room for Sebastian Pauli


In 2014 Sebastian Pauli won the EPT London Main Event and it moved him to tears. Now he’s battling it out in Malta.

Pauli recently moved here and late-regged for the BoM today. On his first bullet he went out in the first hand and now he’s on his second and most likely last life line.

It’s looking like an uphill battle for the German as he managed to reduce his stack to 12k after the dinner break. But he just scored a vital double up.

After an open raise from early position he went all-in from the hi-jack. The player right behind him – Andrea Rossiello – moved all-in as well for more than 80k. The initial raiser folded.


Pauli: A K
Rossiello: K Q

Board: A 2 9 7 2

This secured Pauli the 30k pot and gives him, for now, some room to breath.

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