Bubble Play Looms


The larger field of day 1C is now on the last break of the day. There are 241 players left and the tournament direction has told us that the bubble is on 233 players. 232 players will advance to tomorrow’s day 2. Hand-for-hand play will begin at 234 players.

In day 1D, the bubble will be at 63 players with 62 advancing. By the way, the turbo edition of day 1 has just overtaken the regular field with regards to levels. They just moved on to level 17, while the other field is still enjoying the break.

The turbo field still has to lose around 30 players, but it looks like the organizers have timed the two flights so well they will come to a close at pretty much the same time.

Tomorrow, we’re turning back the clock. Not only because of the winter time, but also here at the Battle. The starting level will be level 16 again, with 60 min on the clock.

Meanwhile, mildly intoxicated James Noonen has been given a final warning. Apparently, the floor staff is under the impression that he can’t follow the action on the table properly anymore. It would be tragic if we lost him this way. He has 60,000 chips and a good chance to make the money.

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