Canevet traps himself again, Ostergaard takes the lead


Ostergaard found 9 8 on the button and opened with a raise. In the big blind Maxime Canevet found K K and decided to trap and simply called.

Flop: 9 9 J (6.5m)

That’s what can happen if you slow play kings. Ostergaard out-flopped the Frenchman, and after a check the Dane bet 3.25m. Canevet called.

Turn: Q (13m)

Now Ostergaard bet 6m and Canevet called again.

River: 7 (25m)

With 25m in the middle, this pot was huge and it was bound to grow bigger.

Canevet checked a third time and now Ostergaard moved all-in for effectively 16m.

After not too much time Canevet managed to find a fold – a good one.

But with this hand Ostergaard once again took the lead and Maxime Canevet is at the bottom of the leader board again.

The players are now on a half hour break.

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