Cards Are In The Air!

We’re off, and there is a crackle of suspense in the air. The tournament direction has just announced that we’re going to play down to the final nine. If it goes quickly, we might even add one more bust-out to make it a final table of eight players tomorrow.

These are the top ten chipstacks at the start of the day.

1) Mantas Urbonas, 7,090,000

2) Andrew Hills, 5,260,000

3) Florian Guimond, 5,195,000

4) Borislav Yorisof, 3,980,000

5) Daniel Hoyesveen, 3,760,000

6) Giuseppe di Mauro, 3,165,000

7) Nave Biton, s,945,000

8) Michal Wozniak, 2,400,000

9) Flaviano Cammisuli, 2,360,000

10) Amir Maimon 2,255,000

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