Cards Back In The Air


It’s now 9 PM and day 1B of the Battle of Malta main event is going into its second half of the day. This is also the last level with late registration, so we’ll hear soon about how many players we’ll play down to today.

At the moment, it looks like it should come down to about 220. At the moment, there are just over 600 players left, so everyone still has a mountain to climb before they will be rewarded with playing 60 min levels on Sunday.

The average chip count has now breached the 50k mark, and it’s going to double again before we pack in.

Ana Marquez is back and running hot, Sergio Castellucio is on his second bullet, and Patrik Antonius and Boris Becker still try to snatch away a BOM main event ticket from one of the chosen few to play with them in the charity event.

The wife of the Prime Minister has also arrived on the tournament stage. She’s come to pick up a check with the money collected by the players. It’s a check for €20,000 with some money added, but a great result for the charity and our players.

Thank you!

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