Cash Games Around The Clock


The Battle of Malta is in town, and whenever that happens, the casino turns into a cash game machine.

Right now, they’re playing NLHE €1/€3, NLHE €5/€5 and PLO €2/€2. The tables are located downstairs in the actual Casino Malta, and they will be open around the clock as long as the battle is on.

As every year, there are a lot of Italian players here, and some say that ensures that there’s a lot of action.

Up to now, there don’t seem to be any waiting lists, so get there and play for cash if you can’t play in the main event for chips.

There will also be more games added in case you want to play higher and you find some like-minded players.

The main event is now in its last level before the dinner break, and the growling of the stomachs is almost as loud as the rattling of the chips.

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