When Two Huge Hands Collide

Two huge hands collided when Julien Stropoli and Mantas Urbonas were all-in preflop. After a bet and raise both were all-in and we saw a showdown: Julien Stropoli: K♣ K♠Mantas Urbonas: A♠ Q♥ Board: K♥ T♣ 3♥ A♥ 2♠ And just like that Mantas Urbonas, who started 3rd in chips today, was left with only […]

Ostergaard Hits the Ace

Things have taken a turn for the worse for Maxime Canevet. Once (and mostly) the overwhelming chip leader he just took a big hit from Erik Ostergaard. Four-handed he ran got his QQ in vs. Ostergaard’s AQ in power position. An ace on the flop changed that quickly and now he’s found himself on the […]

Everyone Has Mixed Feelings About a Chop Pot

The pressure is off after the deal. There’s still €73,000 to play for but it seems like most players are very happy with their take home so far and seem chill and relaxed. Nevertheless we just saw a huge hand between Maxime Canevet and Mantas Urbonas. It was an all-in for more than 33m chips […]

Abdallah Fakhreddine Falls in 5th (€108,500)*

With a deal now made, busting out comes easier. And being the short stack with only 20 big blinds also makes it easier to try and go for a double up. Abdallah Fakhreddine was the shorty after the deal and he found A♣ Q♠. In front of him Maxime Canevet raised with T♠ T♣ and Abdallah […]

5-Way Deal, Five 6-Figure Payouts!

With five players left the clock was stopped for about half an hour to give the players a chance to discuss a deal. It’s a reasonable decision although you’d usually expect this to happen with maybe four or even three players. As it turns out, what they come up with sounds like a very fair […]

Andrew Hills Razed in 6th (€53,000)

He started the final table 2nd in chips but Andrew Hills just couldn’t hold on. First he lost a huge chunk of his chips against Maxime Canevet and then doubled up luckily against Erik Ostergaard, but he soon found himself at the bottom of the counts again. Now, he was just all-in again against Ostergaard. […]

Wait Until You See Battle of Malta 2019

More tables. Bigger numbers. Better service. Big plans. The 2018 Battle of Malta had its small hiccups but to Casino Malta Marketing & Events Coordinator Telly Bartolo, that’s still a good sign – that more players showed up at the 2018 BoM than even expected. The ballooning of the prize pool to a gasp-worthy €1,850,760 […]

Simone Speranza Wins BOM High Roller Event for €60,000!

The €1,320 High Roller event of the Battle of Malta was a 3-day tournament and drew 240 runners. The final table today included a World Championship finalist. Fernando Pons from Spain is a former WSOP November Niner and he was happy to make another final table in a major event. However, it wasn’t him who […]

GG Gustav: Vadenbring Vanquished in 7th (€41,000)

The next all-in followed shortly after and it was the Swede Gustav Vadenbring, now the super short stack at the table. He was left with less than 5 big blinds and thus his gameplay simplified enormously. He just had to find a somewhat decent hand, move all-in and hope for the best. So that’s what he […]

Impressive (and Correct) Laydown by Ostergaard

Shortly after doubling up against Gustav Vadenbring the Dane Erik Ostergaard found another banger: J♠ J♦ in the hi-jack. He raised to 1.3m and just behind him Mantas Urbonas woke up with A♥ A♦. Urbonas raised to 3m and it folded to Ostergaard. With 7.5m left, Ostergaard just called the re-raise out of position. Flop: […]