Empty Stage

The Stage is Set

Play will commence in roughly 30 Minutes. The Final Table is set up in the center stage of the tournament area with seats for spectators. The live stream will be live  roughly 2:30 pm and that’s when our live blog will be live as well.

Catching up With the Side Events

Before we delve headfirst into today’s Main Event Final, let’s take a quick look at the side events that finished over the past 48 hours. PRESTIGE Side Event The PRESTIGE Side Event featured a buy-in of €250. A total of 238 participants battled it out, contributing to a prize pool of €47,480. In the end,…

Roberto Caprio Busts on the Final Table Bubble

Level 31: 100,00/200,000 (200,000) Entries: 9/1,992 After more than an hour of little and slow action, the final table bubble has burst. Roberto Caprio raised from UTG to 300k and it was folded to Miguel Bolivar who re-raised to 750k. Caprio want all-in without hesitation and Bolivar instantly called. Showdown: Caprio: Bolivar: Board: The dealer…

Andrea Agnoletto Doubles Through Liu

Level 31: 100,00/200,000 (200,000) Entries: 10/1,992 The first all-in in almost 50 minutes and we see a double up. Andrea Agnoletto, who was spending more time eying the other short stacks’ chips than playing cards was eventually all-in with 5-5 against Junyu Liu’s A-Q. The board brought no help to Liu and Agnoletta doubled up…

Slow Action

After the break, the action is very slow. With Mikhael Busiashvili and Andrea Agnoletto there are two short(ish) stacks at the table and so far nobody is willing to commit many chips with the two of them still around during the final table bubble.