Checking In With Our Chip Leader


The last time we eyeballed the chips we came to the conclusion that the Finish player Akseli Hosia has the most chips. He sitting at table ten and is playing a seemingly solid, aggressive game.

Right now he took down a nice medium sized pot against Mateusz Koczwara. Hosia opened to 1.7k, Koczwara called in the cut-off and all other players folded. The flop came as coordinated as possible: 6 5 4. Hosia checked and Koczwara slid 2.8k chips over the betting line.

Without batting an eye Hosia now shoved two blue chips (equalling 10k) in the middle and the Polish player folded. Just like that Akseli Hosia added 5,700 chips to his stack and is sitting on more than 120k chips.

We’re getting closer to the dinner break, but late registration is still open. Right now, 442 players have registered, and there’s no end in sight. Except, late registration will end after level 10.

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