Checking in with Sally Stephens


Two years ago Sally Stephens finished 2nd in the Battle of Malta High Roller and started her poker career after retiring from work.

She returned last year and is back again this year. She’s definitely a force to be reckoned and nobody to be taken lightly.

We just witnessed her play some big stack bully poker at her table. She’s chip leader at the table and we came to her when the board read 7 5 2 4 5 with 15k chips in the middle.

Right after the river was dealt Sally slid 18k over the line, betting more than pot and almost as much as the starting stack was.

Her opponent, Massimiliano Messina, who also had a very healthy stack, was visibly uncomfortable — almost furious about the bet. It took him a couple of minutes to make the call.

Messina turned over A 7 for top pair. Unfortunately for Sally, she couldn’t beat it as she was on a stone cold bluff with A 8.

Although she didn’t win this pot, she still has a very decent stack and holds more than 75k chips at the moment.

We’re sure she’ll find more – and maybe even better – opportunities to bluff her opponents.

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