Cheers, James Noonen


James Noonen is sitting at Fabrice Soulier’s table and is enjoying the Battle of Malta with a beer or two. Or three.

Sometimes he calls when he means to raise; sometimes he folds when he means to call. We’re not sure whether his confusion is part of a system or genuine.

But he seems like a very likeable guy. At least his opponents like him.

Right now he min-raised from the button with 9 8 and got a caller in Soulier in the big blind.

Flop: 8 5 5

Fabrice checked and James checked his top pair behind as well.

Turn: J.

Now Soulier took the lead and bet 7k. James called.

River: 6.

Again Fabrice bet 7k and again James smooth called. Fabrice turned over T 5 for trips and somehow Noonen managed to lose the minimum in this hand.

Cheers to that!

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