Clash of Chip Titans Goes to Canevet


Andy Hills and Maxime Canevet are by far the biggest stacks at the table and the two of them are seated right next to each other.

Canevet has position on Hills and we just witnessed a huge clash.

Hills opened to 650k from MP with Q Q and behind him Canevet 3-bet to 1.7m with 9 8. Hills took some time and eventually called.

Flop: 9 7 6 (4.1m)

Hills checked to the aggressor and Canevet, who just hit top pair, bet 1.2m. Hills fumbled a bit with his chips and called after some deliberation.

Turn: 5 (6.5m)

Canevet just hit his straight in a 3-bet pot against the only other big stack on the table. But somehow both players checked.

River: 4 (6.5m)

Now a possible flush appeared on the board and Hills checked to Canevet. The Frenchman slid a whopping 3.4m over the line and Hills made the call in the end.

With this hand Canevet extended his lead to 33m chips – one third of all the chips in play.

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