De Jong and Winding Road to the Payout Window


There aren’t many women left in the 2018 Battle of Malta Main Event.

In fact just 5 we counted the last time we took a spin around the tournament room.

Two of them happen to be seated together on Table 15 – Sofia Lövgren and Dehlia De Jong.

The two of them just clashed and this clash saw De Jong eliminated.

Lövgren opened from the cut-off with A-K and a very short stacked De Jong re-raised from the big blind all-in with K-Q.

Lövgren had an easy call and after the board fell J-9-8-6-8 she won the hand and De Jong took her leave.

And then there were just 4 women left.

Lövgren, meanwhile, is up to 750k – a bit more than average.

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