Difelice Has a Battle to Fight

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Poker brings the most extraordinary people together. The Battle of Malta has seen players that were professional football players, brewers, a porn actress, cattle farmers, physiotherapists, pros, regs, recs and rags.

And don’t forget, the first main event winner was an anaesthetist.

So why shouldn’t we also have a professional rock climber?

André Difelice is the name and he hails from Canada. He specializes in bouldering, a sport that has picked up popularity in recent years. He’s wanted to be a professional climber since he was 8 years old and he spent most of his time perfecting the art that is rock climbing.

There’s just one problem with climbing as a sport: There is virtually no meaningful money to be made and the climbers need to find other ways to support themselves.

Fortunately Difelice has found a way: He plays poker. Since turning 18 Difelice has consistently produced decent poker results. He has four five-figure-cashes, including two EPT side-event wins.

Now it’s his first time in Malta and his first Battle, too. He’s sitting at one of the main event tables and is currently holding on to a slightly above average stack. Let’s see how high he can climb here!

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