Dinner Break Big Stacks


As the players head for the dinner break we took a peek at some of the bigger (and lesser) stacks around the room.

So far so good for most on here; let’s hope Nicolas and Sofia get things revved up after the break.

We recommend the Kinnie for that clove-driven burst of sugar energy.

Fakhreddine Abdalah 205000
Amar Nir 200000
Terziani Stefano 160000
Hosia Akseli Veli Johannes 140000
Hudson Thomas James 130000
Fabrizi Antonella 110000
Pawel Zawadowicz 105000
Zegal Stanislav 100000
Ho Ting 100000
O’sullivan Darragh 95000
Pineiro Barcelo Alejandro Nelson 85000
Nicolas Proust 34000
Sofia Lövgren 27000

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