Dinner Break!


You might think that playing poker is more or less just hanging out — and how could you possibly get hungry from it — but you’d be wrong.

There’s a lot of hard guesswork to be done and it’s draining to the body and the mind.

So, 651 players just happily jumped up and moved over to the free buffet.

The Intercontinental is a hotel of class so the catering this year is a big step forward. You won’t find many places where you can eat like this and pay €50 – for a week!

We’ll be back when things heat up again. Meanwhile, have a look at some of the bigger stacks and see if your poker buddies are among them.

Hills Andrew Christopher 197,000
D’urso Salvatrice 189,000
Nseir George 178,000
Sahlin Daniel Gustav 174,000
Rydland Erik 169,000
Limonova Kelly 168,000
Melhus 1 Simen Francesco 168,000
Oduntan Chris Ayojide Da-Silva 26 164,000
Jonsson Anders Lars Ove 157,000
Benshoham Avihai Hai 157,000
Preter Gil 155,000
Hay Yizhaq 153,000
Jalulins Nikolajs 151,000
Dahan Moshe 148,000
Sidoti Santo 144,000
Gee David Henry 143,000
Kyriazi Grigoris 140,000
Tamsot Toram 139,000
Guzman Pons Javier 138,000
Kokk Janar 136,000
Chludzinski Jakub 118,000
Marquez Esteban Ana Laura 110,000

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