Dogs, Rabbits, Unicorns


Another record BoM is likely to break this year? Largest number of animals at the poker tables.

As you might remember from yesterday Ting Ho brought her pocket-size pooch Wawa (aka Bella) right to the table.

Ho played her cards well and the dog took the opportunity to watch some videos on Youtube!

Today on Day 1B we’ve got a rabbit, a rooster, a penguin and even a unicorn. We’ve got:

The pink bunny, aka Eyal Bensimhon, who brought his signature hat to the Battle of Malta for the first time
A colorful unicorn that has brought some good luck to its owner
A rooster that has held chips at bay so they don’t slide across the table to other players
A penguin with a surf vibe

It’s a veritable zoo out there. Hiyo! Check the pics below (and above):





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