Early Casualties


The Battle of Malta rages on for almost a week this year, and it takes cojones and stamina to get to the end. However, it also needs a bit of luck. Nobody ever makes a final table without it, and if you’re on the wrong side of luck, you’re having a terrible day.

Here are some names that didn’t make it even into level 3. We salute you guys, and we really have sympathy for you getting so unlucky that early on. Take a deep breath and think of the old slogan from that Gus Hansen advert when he was still a team pro:

“You can make all the right decisions and still lose. But there’s always another day, and there’s always another game.”

Thanks for playing. Please try again and let that photo be an inspiration.

Massimo Degiorgi
Evgeny Bazarov
Martin Tano
Din Bitman
Martin Wrulich
Itzhak Oren
Alfassi Nissim
Eliezer Asherof
Almong Rafael
Nezer Yaaqov

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