EPS Underway; High Roller Rolling


The satellite for the High Roller event is over and the 20 lucky ones have joined the main field.

There are now 172 registered players and only a few have busted.

The tournament is only in Level 4 so late registration will still be open for some time.

The Siege of Malta has reached Level 7 and 300 out of the original 500 are still in contention.

Just now, another side event got the command to “shuffle up and deal.”

It’s the EPS Battle and it’s scheduled for two days with a buy-in of €330.

There are 315 players in and counting. Hurry up if you’re in the area; there are people waiting to get in and there’s a cap at 400 players.

Don’t forget to tune in on the Battle of Malta live stream on the BOM Facebook page for feature-table action from the Main Event.

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