Erik Ostergaard Says Goodbye in 3rd (€139,500)*


That’s a first.

Six previous Battles of Malta and we’ve never had players from the same country face off in the heads-up match.

Now we do. Julien Stropoli and Maxime Canevet made it to the final battle of the Battle as the Dane Erik Ostergaard was eliminated just after the dinner break.

So what happened to Ostergaard, who was in the lead going into the break? It only took two hands for him to succumb to the French domination.

1st hand:

On the button Stropoli held A J and opened up to 2.4m – a min raise. Ostergaard in the big blind held A 4 and bravely moved all-in.

Stropoli thought for some time and called the 22 big blind all-in.

Board: A Q 9 K 3

Boom! Just like that Stropoli doubled up and Ostergaard lost more than 80% of his chips.

2nd hand:

After this hand Ostergaard only had 10 big blinds left. The very next hand he moved all-in from the button with J T and again he found his master in Stropoli who called with Q J.

The board fell Q 8 3 K 3 and just like that we are heads-up without the dinner break chip leader!

Here how the two players will start heads-up

Julien Stropoli
Maxime Canevet

Easy game for Stropoli? We’ll see!

*Payout determined from 5-way deal

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